he who dreams of magic bullets (2012)
generative audio and video processing (MAX/MSP/Jitter)

Colby Caldwell, images
James Huckenphaler, concept
Matt Sargent, coding and sound


he who dreams of magic bullets is a collaborative work created as part of a deluxe USB catalog of Colby Caldwell's Gun Shy show of photographs and scans at Hemphill Fine Arts, which also featured no where I'm bound, a sound installation created as my response to Colby's images and especially to his attention to ephemera, decay, and the rural landscape.

The piece is a standalone application, which recombines details of Colby's photographs into constantly evolving composite images (what James Huckenphaler describes as a "feature-length painting"). At the same time, the application applies a similar composite process to the raw flute recordings of no where I'm bound. The work produces unique recombinations of recordings and images in each run of the program.