scores available upon request


unwound path (2018), 16'
flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, and cello
commissioned by the [Switch~] Ensemble

edge of the light (2017), 13'
chamber orchestra
commissioned by the Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra

three illuminations (2016), 10'30"
flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, bass, and electronics
commissioned by Ensemble Mise-En

the singing shore (2016), 15'
concerto for trumpet and orchestra with electronics
commissioned by the Chesapeake Orchestra

a series of breaths (2013)
flute, percussion, piano, violin, cello, 13'

separation songs (2013)
two string quartets and real-time generated variations on William Billings tunes, 72'

tide (2011)
nine sliding instruments, 10'30"

crossing/rising (2010)
cello, percussion, and two sustaining instruments, 15'

evening song (2008)
trumpet, horn, and trombone, 10-12'

riverbed echo (2007)
chamber choir and string trio, 13'

ghost light trio (2006)
three percussionists and processed field recordings of Amtrak trains, 10'

solos and duos

fourth illumination (2018)
piano and vibraphone duo with seven recorded pianos and seven recorded vibraphones, 21'

third illumination (2018)
vibraphone and glockenspiel duo with seven recorded glockenspiels and seven recorded vibraphones, 21'

second illumination (2017)
solo glockenspiel with seven recorded glockenspiels, 16'

going, gone (2016)
solo piano, 7'

tide (violin and cello) (2015)
violin and cello duo with twenty recorded strings, 21'

tide (violin) (2015)
solo violin with ten recorded violins, 21'

tide (cello) (2015)
solo cello with ten recorded cellos, 21'

tide (bass) (2015)
solo bass with ten recorded basses, 21'

more snow to fall (2015)
solo glockenspiel, 7'

saint (2013)
solo glockenspiel, 26'

oxbow (2011)
solo vibraphone, 7'

riverbed (2010)
amplified solo percussion (wooden board, stones, leaves, and contact mics), 10'30"

small stones (2009)
percussion duo, 8'30"

ghost music (2008)
solo percussion, 52'

singing ghost (2008)
solo percussion, 8'

soft song (for solo cello) (2006)
solo cello, 9'30"

installations and media

pillars of decay (2016)
playable metal sculptures, transducers, and real-time electronics, 66'
with Jeff Herriott, Trevor Saint, and Amanda Schoofs

a thin line to draw us together (2015), 8'30"
two electric guitars, electric cello, transducers, and digital feedback system

no where I'm bound (2012)
processed flute recordings and 7-channel dispersion, 12'

Tky (2011)
assembled field recordings, four speakers and iPods installed in canvases, with Ken Weathersby

a river is many single things going to almost the same place at almost the same time (2010)
thirty layers of recorded percussion, 14'30"

partch chimes + tuned river (2010)
fixed media, 8'10"

manmade mountains and underground river (2010)
field recordings, tuned pipes, wind sensors, and real-time assemblage

living in the pulsing light (2008)
lap steel guitar and electronics, 9'45"

six guitars, dispersing (2007)
recorded electric guitars, 6-channel dispersion, 37'